About Us

The Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) is the premiere organization of marketing experts for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. Currently, the Central Florida Chapter of SMPS is consistently ranked among the Top 5 chapters in the nation with nearly 200 members, and more than 25 Certified Professional Service Marketers (CPSM). The chapter is proud to provide excellent educational resources and networking in an exciting and professional environment. 

The Central Florida Chapter is supported by the SMPS national organization, which is dedicated to helping it's members achieve marketing and management success. SMPS provides information, ideas, networks, and other opportunities that can give firms a "strategic advantage." The following specialized tools and resources enhance members' marketing skills and provide networking opportunities:

  • An impressive network of professionals

  • Fantastic monthly programs and events

  • A subscription to the National SMPS "Marketer" magazine

  • Annual SMPS Central Florida Program Calendar

  • The SMPS National Membership Directory

  • The SMPS National Website, www.smps.org

  • The SMPS Central Florida Website, www.smpscentralflorida.org

  • The SMPS Central Florida and National Online Job Banks

  • Marketing Mechanics

  • Professional Development Workshops

  • Annual SMPS National Marketing Conference

  • Educational Resources

  • CPSM Certification

  • CPSM Study Group Sessions

  • Media Roundtables

  • SMPS Central Florida Educational Workshop Series

  • Student Mentorships

  • And MUCH MORE!