Another update from Nicole Roe who is attending SMPS National's Build Buisness in San Francisco...

SMPS BB 2012

How many times have you been called a happy lunatic and it was meant as a compliment? My guess is never. For the Build Business first keynote attendees about a dozen times. Keynote speaker, Greg Bennick, has been termed the juggler of objects and content. When he walked onto stage with an aria of balls, clubs, and fishnets we knew the first part was true.

Why happy lunatic? In Bennick's preparation for the presentation he met with multiple committee and national board members and he immediately saw the SMPS passion as well as their desire for a good time but slightly crazy. He followed the observation and the title with the statement that we are perfectly poised to take action.

As marketers we are dealing with constant change and Bennick wanted to give us a plan: FIPLT. Catchy right? Not quiet but what the letters stand for are. 

  1.  Focus
  2. Ignite
  3. Propel
  4. Launch
  5. Take action

Going through the points included a volunteer from the audience and five juggling balls. Never have I sat through a speaker that juggled. This was a presentation of firsts.

He began the juggling portion with stating: don't be afraid to drop the ball. I think that was his insurance statement, just in case.

Focus: the foundation is listening & serving others

Ignite: thinking about what you listened to

Propel: find the confidence that you have developed, allow creativity to be your guide

Launch: move ahead

Take Action: Do it

Overall, Bennick was a great way to kick off the purpose of this years Build Business. He involved the audience, kept us interested and managed to ride a unicycle.

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