Be Ready to Take Action

Coming to you live from San Francisco, SMPS Central Florida's Director of Communications, Nicole Roe, gives insight into what this year's national convention is all about. With a strong presence, SMPS Central Florida is taking nationals by storm...

SMPS 2012 Build BusinessWhat better way to kick off SMPS’s 2012 Build Business in San Francisco than with peace signs, tie-dye and SMPS National President, Frank Lippert, accessorizing his suit with sunglasses and flip flops? It was entertaining to say the least! Lippert is the ideal individual to promote this year’s theme: Take Action. His energy and enthusiasm is addictive, but he is a realist. He knows we are all guilty of attending a conference, leaving with pages of notes, having a mind full of ideas and returning to the office to just file everything away and return to normal. His goal is to have the conference attendees leave with not just notes, but action items: Items with a plan for how to follow through. He even asked to be blind copied on the action items (let's hope he has a good email filter)!

Up next: Keynote speaker Greg Bennick (spoiler alert: a unicycle was involved)

San Francisco BB 2012

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