Kylie Brown: Member Spotlight

What year did you become an SMPS member?


Do you currently hold a board or committee position?

Healthcare Program Chair

If Yes, what do you help with on your committee and why do you suggest someone to be involved with one?

This year, I will be responsible for ensuring a successful Healthcare Program for our Central Florida Chapter. This position ensures the best speakers with the most innovative and trending information can update the local area on healthcare trends. I will lead the organization of this event including all logistics, speakers, and even recommending topics of interest. I suggest getting involved for multiple reason but first and foremost, it's for serving the education and growth of the Central Florida area.

How would you describe your role/job?

I am a Marketing Coordinator with Hensel Phelps. My main role is to respond to client requests ranging from RFQs, RFPs, and Interviews. In addition, I help plan internal and external events, internal and external communications, and graphics including advertisements, flyers, and for promotional items.

What have been the challenges and rewards of your career?

Challenges include working with a wide range of people for a singular project. It can be very difficult to get technical information and find ways to communicate complex ideas to owners. But the rewards are huge projects that provide jobs for a huge part of your company.

What has been your most meaningful or interesting project?

I am a big fan of the complexities of design-build projects. My first large design-build job was for the Nashville International Airport Terminal Lobby and International Arrivals Facility. That was my favorite project to work on to date, partly because we were awarded the job, but really because it was my first experience diving in with a huge group of trade partners, problem solving how we we’re going to safely and efficiently deliver this project, and watching the evolution of our plan. I watched countless roles in the project development department play a hand in the award of this project and it opened my eyes to various career paths I could take.

How has membership in SMPS helped you to advance your firm or your career?

My SMPS membership has expanded my contacts in the AEC Industry. Having individuals that I can reach out to for advice, tips for clients, or even just as mentors has been so beneficial. In addition to the wonderful people you meet and connect with, the trainings and programs have opened my eyes to new strategies and have development my soft and hard skills in this industry. My favorite trainings are on technical development and tips for creating the strongest proposals and interviews. I find these trainings and the experiences with SMPS to have a huge impact on my performance and personal development.

What’s one thing you’d teach someone in your industry?

Communication is key! Never assume everyone is on the same page as you and don’t be afraid to overcommunicate. It can be intimidating to work with executives and people of authority but being clear and concise in your expectations and understanding makes any process smoother. This applies to all aspects of your career, whether that be for procurement or even your own personal career development.

Best lesson from a mentor?

Listen before you speak!!! So often the things you are vocalizing and asking for are being discussed and communicated but you haven’t stopped to listen to anyone’s messages. I think this has truly helped me connect and collaborate with people.

One thing you wish everyone knew about your job?

It is so important to remember that this position assists in winning the work for your entire company. You may not be in a main leadership role such as the face of procurement or the brains behind an amazing strategy, but every person has a role in the success and future of your firm. Start smaller, worker harder, and you could very well earn those main roles.


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