Message from our President

   Happy 2012!

   Barbie Stiles, CPSM

   President, SMPS Central Florida 





Another year has come and gone in a blink of an eye.  I hope 2011 was as big a year for you, as it was for SMPS Central Florida.  Our unwavering success in the past year has proven our worth in this industry.  We have provided fantastic programs to the A/E/C community, mentored the SMPS-UCF chapter and educated professional services marketers.  During 2012, we will continue to strive to reach the top of our game.


At the core of SMPS Central Florida is our commitment to provide value and quality to our members.  It is through this commitment that we continue to inspire excellence and gain encouragement from each other.  You can gain more value from your membership by becoming involved with the chapter in 2012.


Being at the helm of SMPS Central Florida is both a privilege and a great responsibility. I am determined to make the very best of the upcoming year. With our strong, motivated board of directors and members working together, we can surely make our goals happen.


As we welcome the New Year, let us reaffirm our collective dedication to SMPS Central Florida. Together, we shall continue to build a strong chapter.  Whatever lies ahead, embrace the new year with a renewed spirit!


On behalf of SMPS Central Florida, I wish you, your families and your firms bright dreams and big goals for 2012!


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