Getting Back to the Basics

grammarThe room was packed with eager participants ready to advance back to the basics of grammar and proofreading. While we are constantly trying to stay on top of our editing skills, it is important to revisit the fundamentals of grammar to ensure we are not letting the same mistakes fall through the cracks time after time.

Here are a few key elements the group took home with them from speaker Lindsay Diven, South Region Marketing Manager with T.Y. Lin International, at the July Coordinator’s Club:

1.  Writing and Editing Guidelines

  • Writing and editing guidelines give a clear direction of how to communicate on behalf of the company
  • Style guidelines tell the story behind your brand and include items such as logos, color schemes, and layouts
  • Writing guidelines sets the voice and tone of the company
  • Editing guidelines provide clear direction for consistency, direction and usage
  • Basic elements include punctuation, capitalization, graphics/tables, etc.

2. Common Mistakes

  • Comma Usage
  • Word Usage
  • Numbers in Text
  • Capitalization

3. Proofreading

  • Print it out! Studies show that your eyes read differently on a computer screen versus paper

4. Edit in Phases

5. Spell Check

6. Cut the Fat not the Meat!

The attendees of Coordinator’s Club received a FULL executive summary, proofreading checklist and a sheet that helps create your own guidelines. Make sure you attend the next Coordinator’s Club to receive the full benefits of SMPS’ programs:

You Be the Judge (August 21, 2012 - 11:30 AM - 1:00 PM)

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