Student Chapter


SMPS Central Florida and the University of Central Florida joined forces in 2001 to form the first-ever student chapter of SMPS. Throughout the recent years, the student chapter has maintained a solid membership averaging 75 members, larger than any other campus marketing club at UCF. The chapter was also recognized by the College as the chapter Most Dedicated to Furthering Its Profession and received the Organization of the Year award at the Spring 2007 UCF Student Leader Recognition Banquet. Congratulations SMPS-UCF!

The goals of the student chapter are to provide professional members with an opportunity to share their expertise with students and access to a viable pool of student candidates for their recruiting needs. In addition, to provide students with mentoring and access to top jobs and internships. The student organization holds chapter meetings on campus every week where professional guests deliver a 45 minute presentation on their area of expertise followed by a brief question and answer period. They also have a Marketing Career Knight and Internship Expo each semester, as well as fun social acitivies. Each Spring they hold a Bowl-a-thon to raise money for a student scholarship.

Programs have included:

  • Marketing in the Healthcare Industry
  • Marketing in the Music Industry
  • Marketing and Career Management: The Technical Side
  • Marketing in the Sports Industry
  • Marketing in the Themed Entertainment Industry
  • Conventions and Trade Shows
  • Developing Professional Networking Skills
  • Designing a Career Portfolio
  • What Students Can Do With a Marketing Degree


Every opportunity for student members to attend chapter events is made and encouraged. Each month, five students are selected by the chapter advisor to attend an SMPS professional event free of charge. At the events, each student is teamed with a board member who introduces them to other professionals before, during and after the event. The Student Board also sends a representative to our chapter monthly board meetings to share information on upcoming events and programs. The student membership is strong and enthusiastic, and will continue to be a benefit to our local chapter as well as the University of Central Florida.

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-President, Lindsay Owens,
-Secretary, Amanda Nassar,
-Treasurer, Michael Adams,
-Director of Communications, Charlie Larsen,
-Director of Fundraising, Leoman Vasquez,
-Director of Programs, Jennifer Cerna,
-Professional Chapter Liason, Mandy Missal,
-UCF Faculty Advisor, Jonathan Hasford,