SMPS Central Florida needs your help! The best way to benefit from your membership with SMPS is to become involved on a committee. Below is a list of committees, a brief description, and the committee contact so you can find the one that is the best fit for you. 

Education Committee

Ashley Shaw chairs the Education Committee this year. Members of the Education Committee are responsible for developing and implementing the CPSM Scholarship Program, tracking CPSM/AIA/CEU credits for the chapter, planning and coordinating the Educational Workshop Spring Ahead event, and maintaining the Education Reference Library. In addition, members of the education committee are liaisons for the UCF Student Chapter, and provide a solid link of communication and professional involvement between the professional and student members. A rich schedule of informational meetings and networking events with the professional chapter has made the chapter the leading student marketing organization on campus.
For more information or to be involved with the Education Committee please contact Ashley at [email protected].

Programs Committee

Katie Brancheau, is in charge of the Programs Committee. The Programs Committee is responsible for developing topics, themes, and speaker ideas to offer unique, timely and insightful monthly programs. In addition, the Programs Committee recruits program coordinators and event leaders to help facilitate the programs and events. Programs range from professional development to media panels to business development topics. Other events throughout the year include the education series and industry-focused workshops. The programs committee handles the "nuts and bolts" for every major event including creating promotional flyers, contacting speakers, recruiting sponsors, and assisting with registration. For more information or to get involved with the Programs Committee please contact Katie at [email protected].

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is the pulse of the Central Florida Chapter. Chaired by Jacklyn Pascale, this committee strives to assist people to get the most from their membership. The Membership Committee is responsible for targeting new members and assisting with current member renewals. This committee also creates and distributes new member packets and member pins, as well as membership name tags. In addition, the Membership Committee serves as the chapter's "Ambassadors" at all meetings and events to help members meet new people and engage in networking for the benefit of everyone. Twice each year, the membership committee hosts a new member orientation to introduce the Executive Committee and Board of Directors to the new members, as well as to educate new members about the numerous opportunities and benefits available to them as members of the SMPS Central Florida Chapter. For more information or to be involved with the Membership Committee please contact Jacklyn at [email protected].

Communications Committee

The Communications and Public Relations Committee is responsible for communicating the various messages of the chapter to its membership and the general public. Brooke Bourgeois serves as the Director of this committee that handles public relations and press releases for programs, member accomplishments, and board announcements. In addition, the Communications Committee is responsible for communication through the media of upcoming events and creating the bi-monthly News Brief (which is the chapter's primary source of news and information). National award entries are prepared each year by the members of the Public Relations Committee in preparation for the Annual Conference held in August. For more information or to get involved with the Communications Committee please contact Brooke at [email protected].

Marketing Mechanics  

Teri Ashori leads Marketing Mechanics, a dynamic program that meets monthly to learn about various elements and career tools that are instrumental to the marketing coordinator's and manager's professional development. The group meets in a less formal setting than the regular monthly program meetings in order to allow for networking and roundtable exchanges. Marketing Mechanics Attendees learn about topics that range from advertising and publicity to future growth plans for local universities and private development. In addition, the group is engaging in VIP tours of newsrooms and print facilities, as well as developing an environment for peer relationships through the successful Mentor's Roundtables discussions with senior members of SMPS. For more information or to get involved with the Marketing Mechanics, please contact Teri at [email protected].